Here are some Reviews:

‘…ambitiously spans the confusion generated by women trying in their various ways to have it all: the baby, the career, the sexual freedom and the security. Comedy springs from sly satirical takes on her protagonists, but not to the detriment of the more revealing and loaded downside of her play: the personal cost of her protagonists’ ambitions… where Robson and Frankcom make their greatest impact is the way they skilfully nurse their 60s caricatures to become the compromised, damaged individuals we discover in the 90s.’

Time Out

‘Apparently the women’s movement hasn’t reached this lost generation and one of the most interesting things about the play is the way it reveals how economic depression feeds sexual exploitation.’

Time Out

‘this always watchable play (reminiscent in many ways of Caryl Churchill’s Vinegar Tom… has an engaging optimism. And for once in the theatre, the women really do get all the best lines - which gives the quintet of young actresses roles to relish.’

The Independent


‘Ms Robson’s play is original in tone, wide-ranging in scope and provocative in its import. While sensitive to its period it remains admirably free of fustian… the writing is intelligent and funny.’

The Evening Standard

‘Cheryl Robson, to her credit is a writer capable of thinking big - The Taking of Liberty is an epic piece about women and the French Revolution with a cast of 12.’

The Observer

‘Discarding all previous male interpretations of the French Revolution, Robson comes up with a completely fresh view that exposes those treasured shibboleths of ‘liberte, egalite and fraternite as hollow irrelevances where women were concerned.’                         

What’s On

‘… the talk is direct but authentic; the characterisation plain but telling. One is drawn into the predicament of the unanchored, almost derelict youngsters. The author’s voice of understanding and social statement cannot be ignored. And she makes good theatre of her material.’

The Stage

‘A welcome antidote to King’s Road fashion, it’s a hell that’s already arrived for many and is on its way for more… an excellent play beautifully written by Cheryl Robson… ‘

LAM Magazine

‘If you feel the generation gap is widening to exclude you, I’d recommend a visit to catch what I feel is an important social document.’

The Morning Star

‘…a cleverly scripted work that examines the power and intrigue of the financial world.’

What’s On

‘ …a mature piece of writing, whispering volumes as it details how insidiously – and inexorably- money, masonry and murder are tied in brutal knots.’

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