Cheryl has produced and directed a number of short films, both indie and corporate. She has taught film making and worked at the BBC for several years on a range of programmes including:

Horizon;40 Minutes; Arena; Lovejoy; Bergerac; South East at Six; 60 Minutes; Newsnight; News; News Review and many others.

Independent productions:            
Producer/director Rock n Roll Island (32 minute music documentary, selected for Best Short Film at Raindance Film Festival.)

Producer/director Jo Brocklehurst Arts documentary   
Producer/director What Women Learn Educational documentary.

Producer/director Operation Trident Short community video.

C:\Users\cheryl robson\Pictures\cheryl\old wtw\what women learn.pngProducer short drama Cracked Met Film School

Producer corporate video Ten Years of Change

Producer short drama Charmed Met Film School

Producer corporate video Change Associates    

While at Bristol University, she made student films and did the choreography for a production of Murderer, Hope of Women, by Oskar Kokoschka, directed by George Brandt for the German Department.


Following her PGCE Cheryl taught students video, film-making and creative writing at the following:

Westminster University; Harrow Film School; Middlesex University; Paddington Arts Centre, Portobello Video project; Waterman’s Arts Centre, The City Lit and others.

Digital media/websites:

Cheryl has worked on the creation, writing and editing of numerous websites. She has also filmed author events and interviews and shared these with social media.