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Cheryl is the founder and publisher at Aurora Metro Books, established 25 + years ago. She has published over 200 authors, creating a fine list of YA international fiction and the best list of drama for young people in the UK.

Her strong list of literary and historical fiction has garnered two Kirkus Blue Stars and recently 'The Leipzig Affair' by Fiona Rintoul was adapted as a BBC Book at Bedtime.

She has promoted work in translation with novels and plays published from over 20 different languages and she created The Virginia Prize for Fiction in 2009 to promote emerging women novelists. In 2011 she co-founded Supernova Books with Rebecca Gillieron to publish new books on culture and the arts.

Cheryl's publishing work includes:

1990 Co-editor The Women Writers' Handbook Awarded the Pandora Prize by Women in Publishing.

1991 Editor Seven Plays by Women: Female Voices, Fighting Lives. Awarded the Raymond Williams Prize by the Arts Council of Great Britain (1992)

1993 Six Plays by Black and Asian Women Writers ed. Kadija George Shortlisted for the Raymond Williams Prize (1994)

1994: Mediterranean Plays by Women ed Marion Baraitser

1995: How Maxine Learned to Love her Legs and other tales of growing up. Ed Sarah Lefanu . Short story anthology.

1996 Editor A Touch of the Dutch Plays by Dutch women writers.

1997 Young Blood, plays for young performers. ed Sally Goldsworthy

1998 Best of the Fest 10 years of London New Play Festival ed. Phil Setren

1999 Co-editor with Sian Evans Eastern Promise, plays from Central and Eastern Europe.

2000 Lysistrata, the sex strike by Aristophanes adapted by Germaine Greer and Phil Willmott.

2000 Editor Black and Asian Plays Anthology introduced by Afia Nkrumah

2001 Editor Balkan Plots, plays from Central and Eastern Europe. introduced by Gina Landor

2001 Under Their Influence by Wayne Buchanan Time Out Critics Choice

2002 Devotion by Leo Butler in association with Theatre Centre.(play)

2002 Editor The Classic Fairytales ,retold for the stage by Charles Way.

2003 Sacred (novel) by Eliette Abecassis Winner of the Prix des Ecrivains croyants.

2003 The Little Black Book by Jean-Claude Carriere (play)

2003 Harvest by Manjula Padmanabhan Winner of Onassis International Playwriting Prize

2003 Hard Choices (novel) by Carole Hayman Shortlisted for the Saga Award For Wit/Silver Booker.

2003 Theatre Centre, plays for young people ed Ros Hutt

2003 A Spell of Cold Weather by Charles Way (play) Winner of the Writers Guild Best Children's Play Award

2004 Warrior Square by Nick Wood (play). Winner of Bruder Grimm Preis, Germany

2004 The Arab-Israeli Cookbook (play) and Editor of The Arab-Israeli Cookbook (cookery book) by

Robin Soans. Winner of the Gourmand World -Best innovative Foodbook and Special jury prize for Peace Awards

2004 Trashed by Noel Grieg, on tour with Theatre Centre.

2004 I have before me a remarkable document... by Sonja Linden Time Out Critics Choice

2005 The Dutiful Daughter by Charles Way – a play in dual languages (English/Mandarin)

2005: Crocodile Seeking refuge by Sonja Linden

2006 Theatre for Children and Young People ed. Stuart Bennett

2006 Sobibor by Jean Molla shortlisted Wingate Literary Prize

2006 Merlin and the Cave of Dreams by Charles Way.

2006 The Bomb by Kevin Dyer

2006 New South African Plays ed. Charles J. Fourie

2007 Thistown by Malcolm Mckay (novel) Selected Top 40 Teen Titles

2007 Coming Back by David Hill shortlisted New Zealand Children's Book award

2007 The Algebra of Freedom by Raman Mundair

2007 All Talk monologues for young people

2007 Mistaken by Rukhsana Ahmed

2008 Tina's Web by Alki Zei shortlisted Marsh Award for Children's Literature

2008 My Brother Johnny by Francesco D'Adamo shortlisted Marsh Award for Children's Literature

2008 A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, adapted by Neil Duffield

2008 The Classic Fairytales 2 by Charles Way launched at Unicorn Theatre

2008 Letters from Alain by Enrique Perez Diaz shortlisted Marsh Award for Children's Literature

2008 Black Mail by Thomas Feibel

2009 Votes for Women and other plays ed. Susan Croft.

2009 Plays for Youth Theatres and Large Casts by Neil Duffield.

2009 Silly Beggar: The world's stupidest begging letters by James Spence

2009 Junk Food Hero by Pat Swindells (novel)

2009 The Monster under the bed by Kevin Dyer Winner Writers Guild Best Children's Play 2010

2009 A Guide to UK Theatre for Young Audiences ed. Paul Harman

2010 David's Story by Stig Dalager shortlisted for the Marsh Award for Children's Literature

2010 We Didn't Mean to go to Sea by Arthur Ransome adapted by Nick Wood

2010 Classic Plays by Women ed. Susan Croft

2010 Art, Theatre and Women's Suffrage eds. Irene Cockroft and Susan Croft

2010 Pomegranate Sky by Louise Soraya Black The Virginia Prize for Fiction

2010 Tin Soldier and other plays by Noel Greig

2011 Mosaic Deceptions by Patrick Gooch (novel)

2011 Not A Number: Patrick McGoohan - a Life by Rupert Booth

2011 How to put on a Community Play by Sarah Burton

2011 Blackbirds by Simon Startin

2011 The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling adapted for the stage by Neil Duffield

2011 Themba, a Boy Called Hope by Lutz van Dijk (novel)

2011 The Green Teen Cookbook ed. Laurane Marchive

2012 Women Make Noise: Girl Bands from Motown to Modern ed. Julia Downes

2012 Kipling And Trix  by Mary Hamer  – Winner Virginia Prize for Fiction.

2012  The Scream  by Laurent Graff, co-translated by Cheryl Robson and Claire Alejo.

2012 The Snow Queen  by Neil Duffield.

2012 The Trouble with Asian Men  by S. Buchar, K. Landon-Smith and L. Wallinger.

2012 Big Theatre in Small Spaces  by Brendan Murray.

2013 Durban Dialogues, Indian Voice  by Ashwin Singh .

2013 The Physician of Sanlucar  by Jonathan Falla.

2013 New Plays for Young People  by Charles Way

2013 From the Mouths of Mothers  by Amanda Stuart Fisher .

2013 Next Swan Down the River might be black  by  sean burn

2013 Plays for Today by Women  eds Cheryl Robson and Rebecca Gillieron

2013 The British Beat Explosion; rock n roll island  ed. J.C. Wheatley  - Winner Best British Blues Book 2014

2014 From Docks to Desktops  by Simon Startin

2014 Project xxx  by Kim Wiltshire and Paul Hines

2014 The Leipzig Affair  by Fiona Rintoul  – adapted for BBC Book at Bedtime

2014 Tracks, racing the Sun  by Sandro Martini

2014 The Evolutionist; the strange tale of Alfred Russel Wallace   by Avi Sirlin

2014 Provence: people, places, food, a cultural guide  e d. Cheryl Robson

2014 Celluloid Ceiling: women film directors breaking through  eds. Gabrie lle Kelly and Cheryl Robson

2014 Woman of Flowers  by Kaite O'Reilly

2014 The River's Song  by Suchen Christine Lim

2014 Women of Asia  by Asa Palomera.

2014 Collector of Tears  by sean burn

2014 Who Do we think we are?  By Sonja Linden et al.

2014 Hard Times  by Charles Dickens and Charles Way

2015  Four Short Plays for Young People  by Rachel Barnett

2015 My Brother's War  by David Hill

2015 Liberty Bazaar  by  D avid Chadwick

2015 Inigo  by Jonathan Moore

2015 Counterculture UK – a celebration  eds. Rebecca Gillieron and Cheryl Robson

2015 The Road To Glory  by Neil Duffield

2015 Silent Women; Pioneers of Cinema  eds. Melody Bridges and Cheryl Robson

2015 A Girl with a Book  and other plays by Nick Wood.

+ Organiser of dozens of book launches, author talks, readings and workshops.

Danish author, Stig Dalager at Jewish Book Week signing copies of 'David's Story'.

New Zealand author, David Hill talking to students at a school in Wimbledon about 'Coming Back'.

British-Iranian author Louise Soraya Black reading from her book 'Pomegranate Sky'

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